sacred unity



The first thing that came into existence was referred to as “The Monad”. The story begins with the Absolute. From the Absolute comes the Divine Fire. A spark of this Divine Fire is differentiated into a ‘Divine Spark‘, and then came the particle as we know it, giving birth to spiritual-substantial entities, self-motivated, self-impelled, self-conscious, in infinitely varying degrees.

Monad is the indivisible unity of being, the particle from which everyone and everything comes from; regardless of gender, age, culture, religion, judgments, beliefs and human inventions. We are all part of that indivisible and elemental particle, and as such we all have the same power of creation. Although this reality is submerged in polarity, we are the divine oneness. We are all gods in essence.

This is why we create genderless pieces for all kinds of souls.